Barry Johnson

A short biography about Barry Johnson, Chair of the Technical Committee

Dear Members

A quick introduction and history of my involvement with the International 29er Class.

I have been involved with the sport of sailing since I was 10 years of age, beginning with local dinghy classes here in Western Australia then graduating to Keelboats. International Classes in my early days were very few and far between and expensive. How things have changed yes still expensive but then again what isn’t in the World of Sport.

My involvement with the 29er began in 1999 when I was asked to take on the role of the Class Measurer remembering that this was before the Int 29er became an International Class. Before gaining International Status the Class first had to be recognised (Recognised Class) by the then ISAF now World Sailing. Recognised status was approved at the 1999 ISAF Annual Conference and International Class recognition a few years later.

Since 1999 I have attended many class events at various locations around the World. It has been at these events where I have made many lifelong friends to which I have been most appreciative. I have also been able to watch a number of sailors graduate to other classes with success.

I first become an International Measurer in 1996 something I take very seriously. Yes I may be hard when it comes to Class Rule compliance but in being so it is an education to the competing teams. What I do not want are measurement protests as it is the team that suffers not the measurer.
Over the past 20 years I have been extremely lucky having been selected for 6 Olympic Games as the Int 49er Class Measurer.  Lots of memories and also hard times.

I look forward to meeting you all sometime and somewhere soon I hope.
Stay safe in this unsteady time.
Best Regards
Barry Johnson