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29er Executive Revises Rotation of World Championships effective 2019

  • After careful consideration, the 29er Class Executive Committee has decided to revise the rotation of its World Championships effective for 2019.  The Executive takes this step to ensure that future World Championships have an adequate supply of charter boats.

  • Beginning in 2019, World Championships will be held in Europe for four consecutive years followed by one year outside of Europe.  The rotation, which is available on the 29er Class website, will be

    o 2019 – Europe (POL selected in 2016)
    o 2020 – Europe
    o 2021 – Europe
    o 2022 – Europe
    o 2023 – Any continent but Europe

  • The deadline for bids for the 2020 World and European Championships has been extended to January 1, 2018.  We have made this extension to accommodate World Sailing’s decision to select the 2020 Youth Worlds venue in the fall of 2017. 
  • The Class has created a new, online bidding format that will be available shortly.  Bids previously submitted in the old format will be considered as is or the bidding organization my resubmit its bid with the new format.
  • The Class will continue to utilize its online voting system for selecting World and European Championships.  The bid review and comment period and the voting schedule will be announced shortly and, for 2020 events, will take place after the January 1 bid deadline.
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