The latest 29er Class Rules are now available. Effective 8th January 2019.


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Class Rules ensure the integrity of the strict one design nature of our Class.
The process is managed by Barry Johnson who is Chair of the Technical Committee. Barry has been involved with the sport of sailing since he was 10 years of age beginning with local dinghy classes in Western Australia then graduating to Keelboats. He has been selected for 6 Olympic Games as the Int 49er Class Measurer.  He is very approachable and always happy to answer any questions you may have concerning anything on this page. Contact Barry.

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Class Rules

The International 29er Class Rules can be found in the full class rules document

29er hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails are manufacture controlled and shall only be manufactured by licensed manufacturers – in the class rules they are referred to as licensed manufacturers. Equipment is required to comply with the International 29er Builders Construction Manual and is subject to a World Sailing approved manufacturing control system.

29er hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails may, after having left the manufacturer, only be altered to the extent permitted in Section C of the class rules.

Owners and crews should be aware that compliance with rules in Section C is responsibility of the sailor. Rules regulating the use of equipment during a race are contained in Section C of these class rules, in ERS Part I and in the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Download the FULL class rules as a PDF (460k)

Class Rule Changes Effective 07/02/2024

Download Red Rhombus Rule and diagram (80k)

Download National Letters & Numbers on 29er Sails (115k)

Statement on GRP foils

Statement on Sail Royalty Labels

Amendment one C.3 Personal equipment Effective 21/08/2021

Amendment two C.3 Personal equipment Effective 01/04/2022

     Amendment C.5.1(c) Portable Equipment Effective 07/07/2023

     Amendment one C.5.1(c) Portable Equipment 18/07/2023

Measurers  (World Sailing Approved)

Barry Johnson (Chair) AUS
Ajit Diaz IND
Agnes Lill EST
Alain Champy FRA


Approved Amendments by World Sailing

Description Date effective Document
Turnbuckles Jan 2015 CRC_160115
Blades, trap lines, sail numbers Feb 2012 CRC_0202201
Sail numbers May 2010 CRC_100514
Thwart June 2007 CRC_070326
Various Jan 2007 CRC_070103