Spec Changes

  1. Proposals for spec changes shall be submitted to the Chair of the Technical Committee on the form available on the Class website. Instructions for submission are available on the form.
  2. The Technical Committee shall review each proposal and determine the level of review required by the Class. Two levels of review by the Class are available:
    1. Proposed changes that do not affect function, performance or cost may be reviewed and approved or rejected by the Class Technical Committee. Prior to reaching a final determination, the Technical Committee shall make a preliminary recommendation, which shall be published in an online forum available to the National Class Association Chairs for information and comment. The National Class Association Chairs shall have 1 week to post comments and questions in the forum. The Technical Committee shall consider those comments and questions prior to making a final determination. The decision of the Technical Committee represents the Class’s position on the proposed change.
    2. Other proposed changes require a vote by the World Council, which meets annually, and are subject to the deadlines and voting requirements set forth in the Class Constitution.
  3. If the Technical Committee or World Council approves a proposal for a spec change as set forth above, the Technical Committee shall submit the proposed change to World Sailing and the Copyright Holder for consideration pursuant to World Sailing regulations.
  4. The spec changes may become effective on January 1 and June 1 each year. Upon approval of a proposal by the Class, World Sailing and the Copyright Holder the Technical Committee shall set an effective date for the decision.

International 29er Class Association Spec Change Process